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The Center for Public Health Systems Science (CPHSS), a public health research center, defines environmental support as “having a supportive internal and external climate for your program.”


Your practice’s ability to survive is influenced by factors such as competitors, funders, patients, macro-economy, demographics, climate, and culture. Recognizing these factors allows you to better control your future.


The crucial component of sustainability is a continuing commitment from the entire practice team, including leadership and, most importantly, the providers. This internal commitment should be renewed continuously and reinforced with good change management practices and communication strategies.


Stakeholder Analysis

It is important to cultivate and maintain external support with patients and community partners, as well. This requires analyzing your stakeholders to decide who you need to inform or influence. Stakeholder analysis can be quite complex, but it does not have to be.


When conducting a stakeholder analysis, consider the following questions:

  1. Who would you identify as your stakeholders?
  2. How would you stratify the stakeholders based on power, interest, influence, impact, relative priority in program success, or other factors pertinent to your organization?
  3. How can you develop an understanding of, and expectations for your stakeholders, either individually or by groups?


From this analysis, you can define stakeholder participation in the program’s ongoing operations and communication modalities and craft strategies to gain and keep support. Create a stakeholder management plan based on this analysis. Stakeholder analysis tools are included in the resources and in your Notebook.



Stop 7: Environmental Support

What is Environmental Support?

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Review the resources. Then, return to your Notebook to answer questions, take notes, and record your thoughts.


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