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Organizational capacity building is a process that helps an organization enhance its mission, strategy, systems, infrastructure, and human resources to better serve its community. Experience has shown that to foster and sustain effective programs, organizations must be viable and well-managed.


Regardless of how thorough a program’s design may be, its effectiveness is largely dependent on the following factors:


Capacity building is essential to the sustainability of a PCMH so that it can continue to meet the needs of the community efficiently and effectively!


Internal Support System

To sustain your PCMH transformation, you need the internal support and resources to effectively implement the PCMH model requirements. This encompasses the capabilities, knowledge, leadership, and staffing across all areas of the clinic.


Cultivating and strengthening your program’s internal support can also increase your program’s likelihood of long term success. A strong infrastructure shows your ability to make good use of your resources and other operational inputs.


Three Key Components

There are three key components to fostering organizational capacity:

  1. Identify opportunities to share staff and physical resources across departments or programs within your organization.
  2. Provide ongoing training and professional development for all staff members. Ensuring that your staff and stakeholders have the right credentials, training, experience, cultural competence, and ability to address the needs of your patient population is an important part of building capacity.
  3. Create a positive organizational culture that supports employee morale and engagement so that you can maintain core staff with sufficient expertise and skills to carry out the essential daily operations. High turnover makes it very difficult to provide consistent, high quality services.

Staff Roles and Responsibilities

All staff members have roles to play in PCMH transformation. Leadership must clarify the specifics of those roles and ensure that each staff member understands the importance of his or her contribution to transformation. Ensuring that all roles are established and having development and continuity plans in place fosters stable organizational capacity and continued financial streams through Idaho Medicaid.


The Medicaid Health Homes in Idaho’s review from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services summarizes staff roles and responsibilities for health home services.

Stop 5: Organizational Capacity Building

What is Organizational Capacity Building?

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