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Effective communication with employees guides the entire team to ongoing, long-term PCMH sustainability and success. To successfully engage in the work of transformation, it is important to communicate the what, why, and how of PCMH. To ensure all staff understand the goals of PCMH transformation, think about these questions:


  1. Do all your staff members have clearly defined roles and responsibilities?
    All staff have a role to play in PCMH transformation. Leadership must clarify the specifics of each role to ensure that each staff member understands the importance of his or her contributions and expectations.
  2. How will you communicate changes with your staff?
    Emphasize why the change must occur, the intended outcome of the change, effective implementation strategies, and the benefits of transformation for patients and staff. Also, think about the most effective medium for staff to receive internal communication. Is it via e-mail, text, intranet, or some other way?
  3. If you are undergoing PCMH transformation, what communication strategies do you use to emphasize that the process is part of the regular work of the practice and not a time-limited or special project?
    Once all current staff understand that PCMH transformation is an ongoing process, incorporate it into your orientation and onboarding training to be sure that all new staff also understand the PCMH model and its goals. There is an Onboarding Employees New to PCMH toolkit available to meet this need. A link to the toolkit is in the resources list.

Stop 11: Communication

Communicating with Staff

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Review the resources. Then, return to your Notebook to answer questions, take notes, and record your thoughts.


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