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Through a series of videos, online resource hyperlinks, and guided questions, you will learn about the best practices for sustaining the PCMH model. It is designed for the transformation team and others who are responsible for implementing and maintaining the transformation plan. This toolkit will help your team develop a common understanding of what it takes to sustain the PCMH model.


This is a basic guide to PCMH sustainability and will not go into the specifics of accreditation. Rather, it will focus on what you need to know as you undertake work to transform and sustain a PCMH practice.


The toolkit is a self-study aid intended for users in all phases of the PCMH journey. It is meant to be more assistive than prescriptive. There is no set pace for the content. You can complete it in one or several sessions. If you find that you have already done the work associated with a topic, skip that section and move on to the next. You can work through this toolkit on your own or in a group with other colleagues (e.g., transformation team sessions).


Some of the content in this toolkit is in video format. Other resources are hyperlinks to Web sites with information to review, as well as documents to use as reference. There are also hyperlinks to the Idaho PCMH Transformation Team Portal. (Note: Ensure you have access to the Portal so that you can review those hyperlinks.)


We have provided a Sustainability Toolkit Notebook to keep track of your progress and record questions, thoughts, and ideas along your journey. You can download it or print it by clicking the hyperlink.


Be sure to review the Clinics New to PCMH toolkit and Onboarding Employees New to PCMH toolkit. These are companion toolkits to learn about best practices for PCMH transformation.

Stop 1: Introduction to the Toolkit

Welcome to the PCMH Sustainability Best Practices Toolkit!

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