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Kotter’s 8 Step Process for Leading Change

Kotter sums up the essential steps needed for transforming companies.

Kurt Lewin Change Theory Three Step Model – Unfreeze, Change, Freeze

This article describes a high-level approach to change.

Simon Sinek: How to Make Your Life a Success

This leader discusses the journey of finding his “why” in life.


This change management organization provides resources and training.



Prosci Article Repository

This site provides access to research, tutorials, and information from trusted change management sources.

The Prosci ADKAR® Model

This article discusses the ADKAR® change management model.


Falling off the Curve: Six Ways Your Change Project Can Fail

This article discusses the commitment curve as a model of the stages of change.


Diffusion of Innovation Theory

This article discusses the five adopter categories.

10 Principles of Change Management

This video covers best practices for organizational change management.

How to Create Organizational Buy-In

This article discusses the eight steps to obtaining successful buy-in to corporate changes.

Four Strategies for Getting Employees Excited About Change

This article outlines the steps for developing a persuasive “pitch” for organizational change.

How to Communicate Clearly During Organizational Change

Learn how to send clear and effective signals to staff during times of change.

Change as an Opportunity: A Strategic Approach to Change Management

This article describes innovative strategies for change management.

Webinar Replay: Empowered Leadership Can Transform Care for Vulnerable Populations

This seminar covers how to develop collaborative leaders to meet the challenges of a changing healthcare environment.

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