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We have provided all the resources you will need to create your own Change Management Plan, including examples you saw throughout the toolkit and blank templates you can alter to fit your organization’s specific needs.


Select the template or tool you need to view or download it.

Change Dashboard Template

Use this template to identify and track change progress.


Communication Timeline

This template can be used to help you begin planning change communication over the duration of the change project.


Communication Matrix Template

This template can be used to plan and track change communications.


Change Resilience Assessment

Have individuals who will be impacted by the change take this self-assessment and use the results to plan change activities.


Change Team Contact Form

Use this template to maintain contact information for the members of your change team.


Change Impact Assessment Template

This template can be used to assess the amount of impact a change will have on an organization/people.


OCM Communication Methods

This document provides a list of different communication methods you could consider using in your organization to communicate about the change.


Stakeholder Register

This template can be used to identify all stakeholder so the change. It can also be used to track specific characteristics about the stakeholders.



Stop 6: Organizational Change Management Tools

OCM Tools and Templates

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