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What is OCM?

Why is OCM Important?

Increases the Likelihood of Success

Stop 2: The Basics of Organizational Change Management

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OCM is the discipline that guides how to prepare, equip, and support individuals to successfully adopt change to drive organizational success and outcomes. It focuses on the “people side” of change. OCM provides a structured approach for supporting the individuals in your organization to move from their own current states to their future states.

Since OCM focuses on the people side of change and what they need to change, it helps to increase engagement and minimize resistance. By involving those people affected by the change, you increase their engagement and respect the feeling that the change is happening with them versus feeling like the change is happening to them.


OCM ensures that people going through change have a common goal; everyone is aligned with the goal of the change and all are working toward the same future.

A solid Change Management Plan increases the likelihood of an initiative’s success. According to studies in the book, A Manager's Guide to Navigating Change, by Stephen Rock, 94 percent of change initiatives with an effective Change Management Plan met or exceeded their change objectives. Whereas, those with a poor or minimal Change Management Plan met or exceeded only 15 percent of their change objectives.

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