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This Organizational Change Management (OCM) toolkit addresses organizational needs to support change, deal with resistance, and move in the direction of the change. One example of change in health care is the transformation of becoming a patient centered medical home (PCMH). Becoming a PCMH represents a major organizational change that impacts healthcare clinics and their stakeholders.


Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach, this toolkit offers proven, practical strategies and techniques to understand OCM basics and support effective change.


Meets Your Needs

Through a series of videos, online resources, and guided questions, you will learn about the best practices for OCM and how to use them. Key features of the toolkit include substantive content, real-world scenarios, and practice opportunities for problem-solving. In addition, this toolkit provides the opportunity to create your own Change Management Plan.


Choose Your Path

Anyone involved in change can use this toolkit to develop a deeper understanding of the power of OCM. This toolkit has a broad array of practical tools and information that can be used by an individual or team. It may also be used at the organizational level to support healthcare transformation and the individuals responsible for implementing changes and maintaining transformation. It is meant to be assistive rather than prescriptive. If you find that you have already done the work associated with a section, skip it and move to the next. The materials are effective whether used sequentially or individually.

Stop 1: Introduction to the Toolkit

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Track Your Progress

Be sure to use the OCM Toolkit Notebook to help keep track of your progress; write down notes; and record questions, thoughts, and ideas along your change learning journey. Your Notebook also contains activities to guide you through the steps to creating your own Change Management Plan!

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