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Stop 5: Change Scenarios

Scenario #3 - Change Fatigue

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Your long-time supervisor of eight years has received a promotion and has transferred to a different department. Your new supervisor has his own way of doing things, implementing new policies and procedures, and he has begun setting aggressive goals for your department.


To incentivize following the “new way” to meet the new goals, there will be individual rewards for making progress. These rewards include having more input into your work schedule and the chance to regularly receive recognition for your efforts. Recently, you learned that your coworker received a personal thank you note for helping to make a change.


You experience change regularly in the healthcare setting and you have never been recognized or thanked for your efforts and commitment. You feel unappreciated and are tired of all the change. You will be affected by this change because, not only will you be leading some of the change your new supervisor wants, but your responsibilities and the processes you have been doing the same way for a long time will be very different after the changes are made.


You realize that you need more information about how to best manage this situation and your own feelings. You have had some change training, but it did not seem important at the time. You decide that it would be in your best interest to get on board with the changes and find a way to agree with them; but, this is difficult because you are tired, and you do not know what to expect.


Use your experience and information from the toolkit to think about and respond to the following questions. (Be sure to write down the references you use from the toolkit, so it is easier to refer to them later.)


  1. What Change Management Planning activity should you do first?
  2. What could you do to better understand yourself and other stakeholders?
  3. Where do you fit on the Change Adoption Curve? What is your plan to increase your adoption of the changes?
  4. What Resistance Strategy will you use?
  5. Who in your organization can help you?
  6. How will you and your leadership identify and celebrate Quick Wins?
  7. How do you feel about learning that your coworker got a personal thank you note for helping on a change under the leadership of the new supervisor?