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Stop 5: Change Scenarios

Scenario #2 - Checkup: Time for a Software Update

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Your company is rolling out a new computer software upgrade to employees in three large departments. This change will make your organization’s technology more efficient and streamline your workload.


The company’s leadership has not been very visible during the announcement and planning of this change. You are concerned that the disruption to productivity might be significant and this issue is not being addressed or communicated about.


Past upgrades have not gone smoothly, and you want this one to be different and set a positive course for implementation. A lot of people at your company have been employed there for a long time and do not understand why they need this new computer upgrade. There will always be technology changes, and your organization has a culture of CQI to maintain its competitive edge and meet customer needs in the marketplace.

Think about and explore the pros and cons of this software upgrade using an OCM framework. Use your experience and information from the toolkit to respond to the following questions. (Be sure to write down the references you use from the toolkit, so it is easier to refer to them later.)


  1. What change management planning activity should you do first?
  2. What should you do to better understand your stakeholders and gather feedback?
  3. What are the three most important things you can do to address a fast-paced change adoption?
  4. Who within your organization will you include on your Change Team?

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