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Your communication strategy is the most important piece of your Change Management Plan. It identifies who you will be in communication and engage with, how you will communicate/engage, and when. It keeps you on track and helps with consistent messaging on the coming changes.


Keep the following in mind when developing your communication strategy:











Your first communication might not fit nor reach the recipients, or the message may not have expressed the information effectively. When creating your initial communication, ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Do you need to adjust your message to improve the communication? What works? What might work better?
  2. Do you have someone to help proofread and discuss the wording and its effectiveness?
  3. Re-read your own message a week later and ask, “Does this still make sense?”
  4. Will both new and experienced staff understand the message?
  5. If an action is needed, is it clearly stated? Is there a deadline included for taking the action?
  6. Does your organization have any existing templates, policies, or procedures used for communicating? Does the accepted method offer tracking and delivery confirmation (e.g., delivery and read receipts)?

Stop 3: Organizational Change Management Process and Tools

Execute the Change Plan

Communication Questions to Ask Yourself

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