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Communication is one of the most important pieces of any change initiative, if not the most important. You want to ensure the information you share with staff/stakeholders about the change is effective. Therefore, it is important for you to know your stakeholders and their attitudes and commitment levels toward change.


Stakeholders learn about and begin to understand the upcoming changes through consistent and effective communication. The message, the timing, and how it is delivered are key features to ensuring stakeholders are getting the support they need.



Since communication is one of the most important pieces of any change initiative, you want to be sure that the information you share with stakeholders is effective. In the absence of information, stakeholders will fill the void with whatever information they want. Communications should reach stakeholders at an emotional level, so the form and content of communication should appeal positively to emotions.


Effective change communication is based on the following six core principles:


  1. Not communicating is communicating something!
  2. Change is about emotion.
  3. Communicate through words, symbols, and behaviors.
  4. The types of communication methods used for your stakeholders are key.
  5. Communication is the heartbeat of change.
  6. Trust is the currency of change and effective communication builds trust.


Communication timing and methods are key. Select the appropriate timing and methods to send a message. Communication should be established as the heartbeat of change – regular, predictable, and reassuring to stakeholders. Consistent and effective communication builds trust. Trust is an essential asset that can only be built through authentic, honest, and transparent communication.

Consider creating your own communication calendar to keep track of your communication schedule.


Use your Notebook to write down any notes or reminders about how to effectively communicate with your stakeholders.

Stop 3: Organizational Change Management Process and Tools

The Importance of Effective Communication

What Makes Change Communication Effective?

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