Patient Engagement Best Practices Toolkit

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By accessing and studying the online resources, using the strategies and tools, and taking guided notes, you will learn about best practices to enhance your clinic's patient engagement activities. We have provided a Patient Engagement Toolkit Notebook to keep track of your progress and record questions, thoughts, and ideas along your journey. You can download it or print it by clicking the hyperlink.



This toolkit is a self-study aid intended for practices at all levels of the patient engagement process. It is meant to be more assistive than prescriptive. Many of the resources can be modified to fit your clinic’s needs. You can complete this toolkit in one or several sessions. When you return, you can easily pick up where you left off. It is designed so that you can proceed through the toolkit in sequential order, or you can go directly to your specific topic of interest for just-in-time information and resources.


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Stop 1: Introduction to the Toolkit

Welcome to the Patient Engagement Best Practices Toolkit!

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