Patient Engagement Best Practices Toolkit

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This toolkit is designed for Idaho Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs) and other clinics who are looking for strategies to enhance their patient engagement efforts. The toolkit is presented as a roadmap with stops along the way. On your journey, you may choose to follow each stop (topic) in order, or you may go directly to the stop with your topic of interest and access the information and resources there.


Note: Throughout this toolkit we use the term “patient engagement” to mean the partnership between a patient and his or her provider/team. The “patient” part of the term not only includes the individual patients, but also the patients’ families, and caregivers.


Note to Office Managers and Human Resources Staff

The toolkit can be used for individual, self-paced study, or in a group environment (e.g., brown bag lunch learning sessions or staff in-services). While this is a resource for your staff, we suggest that you work through the toolkit yourself so that you are familiar with the content as you discuss the information with clinic staff.


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