Why is healthcare transformation still needed?

Curious about the genesis of Idaho Health Connect? This short video succinctly explains the 4-year efforts of the Statewide Health Innovation Plan (SHIP) in Idaho. The resources developed during the course of the project have become the basis for Idaho Health Connect.

The key goals of SHIP were to improve care coordination through centralizing electronic health records, to align payment mechanisms to transform methodology from volume to value, and to transform primary care practices across the state into Patience-Centered Medical Homes. The ultimate goal is to put the patient at the center of care while reducing overall healthcare costs.

While SHIP has been a great catalyst for change in the state, there’s still plenty of work to be done for healthcare in Idaho. Now under the stewardship of Boise State University, Idaho Health Connect will continue the commitment to healthcare transformation by developing new free and subscription-based educational resources for clinics, community health organizations and their staff.