Member Portal Launching Spring of 2019

In collaboration with the Department of Community and Environmental Health at Boise State University, Idaho Health Connect is launching a Member Portal on the Learning Resource Site in Spring of 2019. The Portal will feature exclusive coursework for health professionals and advanced site features. Initial coursework will be focused on healthcare transformation in the context of clinical care, with future content encompassing the broader context of health. Courses currently slated for development include:

VBP 101: Value-Based Payment

VBP 102: Quality Payment Program

VBP 103: Clinical Quality Measures

While the Resource Library will continue to house a wealth of free resources and training toolkits, the Member Portal is a subscription service built to support advanced features such as tracking coursework completion, quizzes, assessments and earning badges. It will also feature areas where Communities of Practice can engage in discussion, hold virtual meetings and share documents and media.

Primary Care Clinics who participated in the Idaho Statewide Healthcare Initiative Plan (SHIP) and Public Health Districts will be the first to gain free access to the portal, but anyone with a stake in Healthcare Transformation is invited to register.

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